John Davies: ‘Stick-in-the-muds’ enjoy success on stage

Our In Your Field series, which charts the ups and downs of seven farmers around the country, this week finds out what’s been happening to John Davies on-farm in Powys

It was very funny when he lost his wellies, but when I went to rescue him and nearly had the same happen to me, it wasn’t so good.

So, even with the price of straw, we decided it was time to house some bunches of cows and calves. That was in the middle of October and coincided with turning the tups first of all to the mules, followed a week later by the speckle ewes which we had gathered in from the MoD range.

All the ewes were dipped and generally checked over at the same time.

The cattle have now been housed and are settling down to new diets. We took 11 cattle to Brecon where trade was generally back. Ours averaged £1.58/kilo. Perhaps they weren’t helped by some confusion which ended up with the third lot coming through first.

Suckler cows

Looking at Eblex figures for suckler cows which show nearly everyone losing money, I fear unless things change there will be many less sucklers about.

A large increase has been proposed by HCC in both the lamb and beef levies. While promotion of our products is vital, their success to us is measured in profit, it’s vital costs and benefits are equally shared through the supply chain.

It has been so wet on some of our winter wheat that one headland had to be redone. It was the same week we had to get the wholecrop header back out to do a friend’s field that wasn’t ripening.

The boys have done some maize hauling in the lowlands of Hereford. With a Krone demo machine we did some good maize at over 700ft near Llandrindod Wells. I wonder if we could grow it at home?

Our YFC Epynt project concluded with a sell-out at the local theatre. The cast really rose to the occasion with many a tear shed by the audience at the end.

The second half was less dramatic, but in the wartime era with sketches on Land Girls, music of the time, and Dad’s Army. Many of us hadn’t been on stage for a while and, remembering the words was a little worrying, but it all went all right on the night.

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