Dominic Naylor: A poke in the eye finally kills off a good servant

As I write this, it’s been raining for 36 hours. The good news is I’ve only got 30 acres of wheat left to drill and it’s a well-drained field. Drilling has gone well with the rape evenly established and the wheat starting to appear.

The bad news is our state-of-the-art slurry system is well and truly constipated and I’ve spent the day desperately trying to get it going. Having emptied the slurry towers in time for winter, they’re now filling with clean water and no doubt the sawdust which bunged everything up.

The cows are in for the winter, which seems odd when last week it was 28degC and we had the fans on in the cubicle shed.

The maize harvest went well with a starch analysis of 33 per cent. This year’s good forage stocks should enable us to feed a constant ration throughout the year ahead.

On the sheep front, and with less than a week to go before the tups go in, a couple have been knocked back with scald in their feet. If this wasn’t bad enough, a third one had a bad toe abscess.

I put the crook through the screen trying to poke Brian May in the eye when he preached his utter drivel about TB

Fortunately, I made a sheep-sized foot block adapted from a cow one, and glued this to the good cleat. The abscess is healing well and the tup is walking normally.

I have to report the demise of our 30-year-old telly last week. You know the sort, made mostly out of wood, only three channels and huge buttons. The remote control was one of my crooks.

Well, I put the crook through the screen trying to poke Brian May in the eye when he preached his utter drivel about TB on The One Show.

It beggars belief how he can suggest farmers with TB infected farms should sell up or do something else. Perhaps his royalties could compensate those farmers he so wishes would abandon their farms. He joins a long list of ‘celebs’ whose grasp on the reality of country life is tenuous, yet are so vociferous in their deluded opinions.

Why badgers are protected is beyond me, it causes such an imbalance. It will be interesting to see how this pet loving nation reacts when the first report of a TB infected cat appears.

Adam Henson’s powerful report on Countryfile last week will hopefully have depicted the reality for farmers.

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