Steve Heard

Steve Heard: On the wind down to the end of the year, and bank forecasts look worrying

19 December 2014

?I am almost embarrassed to admit to my livestock farming friends, we are already on a wind down to the end of the year, overtime has finished and weekends are available to take the family shopping. Perhaps I should buy some cattle?

Rodney Down

Rodney Down: Looking into the global food crisis, and hoping to manage production costs

19 December 2014

?As the long nights are upon us and another year flies past, I generally have too much time to think.

Tony Shepherd & John Henderson

Tony Shepherd and John Henderson: Looking back on the memorable moments of 2014

December 12, 2014

John’s talk at Hexham and David’s for the NSA near Cirencester both created a good deal of interest. Since then John has talked to degree students at Askham Bryan who asked good questions, as did members of staff. So the crusade goes on.