Will Case

Will Case: No struggles with silage or harvest, and lambs and cattle had a great summer

12 September 2014

As you read this week’s issue of Farmers Guardian in the comfort of your warm home, spare a thought for Simon and I as we wake from a night spent bedded down in ‘le hotel cattle wagon’ at Kelso tup sale. The decor is sparse and there is no en-suite, but a beer or two helps us get some sleep.

Phil Latham

Phil Latham: Horses everywhere, grazing management dominates, and putting the case for the cull

September 5, 2014

Last weekend we hosted the Pony Clubs National Novice Championships. With nearly 1,000 competitors attending from across the UK over two days and 288 temporary stables on site it feels like we have been invaded by the population of a small village.

Rachel Lewis-Davies

Rachel Lewis-Davies: Every day is a school day at Yscoedreddfyn

4 September 2014

While everyday may be a school day for new fellow contributor Will Case in Cumbria, here at Yscoedreddfyn we pray for days that are not school days and there are some pretty long faces at the prospect of returning to school.