Rodney Down: 'Wooden spoon' dairy record broken, and a brief trip to Germany

August 1, 2014

?A proper summer it’s been so far. Barley harvest, although a let-down as far as yields are concerned, was the earliest we have had, and then the wheat was started on July 25 at 11.7 per cent moisture.

Steve Heard: An early start to harvest, and analysing new cultivation methods

August 1, 2014

?With one of the earliest starts I can remember, the two combines rumbled into action on July 16.

William and Andrew Cowx

William and Andrew Cowx: A busy few weeks, and goodbye after five years of writing

July 18, 2014

Well it has been a busy four weeks since our last article, and it just seems like yesterday. The weather too has continued in the same form, allowing most people to make crop in good conditions and hopefully have full pits of silage and barns of hay.