Farmer group helping others to diversify into AD

A FARMER group is launching a farmer-centred approach to ensure those who commit to Anaerobic Digestion (AD) will gain maximum support and benefits.

Greener for Life Energy was founded by a group of farmers in the South West to provide others the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully implement an AD strategy for their businesses.

They have partnered with AD professionals with more than 35 years experience in AD development and a leading farm consultancy to provide an efficient service covering all aspects of an investment in the technology.

The approach will be based on clear advice, support and planning for farmers to integrate any development into a profitable farming system.

Dairy farmer and co-founder of Greener for Life Energy, Winston Reed, believes farmers are deterred from AD, as so far the industry has failed to understand the needs of farmers and work with them closely in order to help them understand the benefits.

Mr Reed said: “AD is a diversification opportunity that can deliver big benefits to farming business through energy generation and the associated potential income stream”.

He continued: “However, it is a big commitment and is alien to many farmers.  

“There is a desperate need for clear information and on-going support throughout the whole process, something that has not always been forthcoming.  

“Farmers need guidance during the evaluation, development and implementation stages to ensure they select the approach that is right for them and delivers the appropriate level of return.”

AD has the potential to sit alongside other farming activities and contribute a sustainable income stream while benefiting the farming system.

“While some farmers want to commit to a dedicated AD plant, some are more interested in opportunities to supply crop and manure feed stocks into an existing plant,” added Mr Reed.

“Others may be interested in taking a share in a plant.

“We already have 30 schemes in the project planning phase and a further three in the final stages of approval.  On average we estimate that a well-considered and implement AD system can contribute the equivalent of a 2-5ppl increase in dairy profit through a number of contributing activities,” .


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