The UK’s farm-scale wind market growth continues to be threatened by a variety of hurdles.

Renewables: What does the future hold for the UK on-farm wind energy sector?

27 November 2014

Uncertainty over Government subsidies and planning and financing constraints risk putting the brakes on the small-scale wind sector. Olivia Midgley gauges opinion from a selection of the industry’s leading experts.

Solar PV panels

Renewables: Green energy still making sense for farmers despite subsidy cuts

27 November 2014

With more changes on the horizon for renewable energy subsidies, Olivia Midgley asks the experts how farmers may be affected and what they should do to ensure projects remain profitable.

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Features and analysis

Arwyn Owen says the decision to establish a pedigree Welsh Black herd has had a tremendous impact.

National Trust introduces renewable energy to boost Welsh hill farming

The introduction of renewable energy on National Trust farm properties become an instrumental way of helping traditional hill farms such as Hafod-y-Llan survive in the modern world.


Farm focus: Arable business on its way to renewable energy self-sufficiency

arable farm business on its way to renewable energy self-sufficiency

Farmers are taking bigger financial risks to build large-scale projects.

Shrewd farmers make use of large-scale green energy schemes

AS the race to make the most of Government subsidies for renewable energy continues, farmers are taking a gamble on larger scale technologies to not only boost their farm incomes but in some cases to turn struggling businesses around. Olivia Midgley speaks to some of the farmers and installers behind the innovative schemes.

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Ole Sangill

Renewable energy expert profile: Ole Sangill, Endurance Wind Power

OLE Sangill is optimistic rural communities can be rallied together in order to become renewable energy producers and that farmers are at the head of that movement.