Slurry and muck specialist Joskin adds extra width boom

FRENCH slurry and muck specialist Joskin has added to its Multitwist multi-nozzle slurry boom with larger widths now available.

Each boom consists of two arms, each with double articulation, which can be folded laterally alongside the tank for transport. Each arm pivots plus or minus 180 degrees to work with Joskin’s twist system.

Slurry is fed through a central distribution box from the tank via a 200mm-diameter hose, and then distributed to each half of the boom via 150mm-diameter pipework.

These rigid parts form the basis of the Multitwist boom, which come in 18 or 24-metre lengths. A central piece of 15 metres is found, allowing spreading to just this width if required.

Quick coupler

Spread pattern is covered by each nozzle applying three metres at a time, with 0.75m overlap. Each nozzle has a quick coupler system, with caps to block off unwanted nozzles to reduce spread width on larger booms.

Joskin offers a wide range of options, and one interesting addition is a slope adjustment system which angles each side independently, as would be found on a sprayer. A 200mm-diameter turbo discharger can boost output too. The Multitwist is available for both Quadra and Euroliner tankers.

To get the slurry into the tanker, Joskin has also announced that a 250mm-diameter pumping arm is now available.

This new addition will match up with high capacity pumps, says Joskin, and the arm’s significantly larger section will suit contractors and reduce fill times.

A double articulation means that the pumping arm can be moved in many directions, and will reach to slurry depths of up to four metres. The extension is fully watertight, says the company.ȴ

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