Rea Valley Tractors loses John Deere franchise

John Deere has ended its franchise agreement with its Pontesbury, Shropshire-based dealer Rea Valley Tractors, it has been revealed.

John Deere declined to comment on the reasons for this move, amid many rumours among local farmers and contractors, but a statement from the tractor manufacturer reads: “Effective October 31, 2010, John Deere will end its relationship with Rea Valley Tractors.

“Until that time, Rea Valley Tractors will continue to support John Deere’s customers in the area. Our current focus is on appointing a suitable replacement dealer, as our priority is to ensure customers receive the highest levels of service and support for their John Deere equipment in the future.”

As far as can be ascertained, Rea Valley Tractors will continue to sell its other main franchise, JCB, plus implement franchises from both its Pontesbury and Newport depots.

No one from Rea Valley Tractors was available for comment at the time of writing.

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