Kuhn extends feeder and bedder range

KUHN has extended its range of feeders and bedders with the launch of the Primor 3570.

With the ability to chop and distribute straw or big bale silage, Kuhn says this new model will work with varying material conditions.

A trailed machine, the 3570 has three-cubic metre capacity, and can carry two 1.5-metre diameter round bales. It can also distribute forage and straw up to 18 metres, Kuhn claims.

Like its larger cousin, the Primor 5570, this new model comes with a hydraulically-controlled regulator at the entrance to the feed rotor.

Kuhn points out the Primor’s key design feature is its two-speed gearbox, normally run slower for silage but faster for spreading straw. A four-strand power band drives the rotor, and this also acts as a safety device.

A variable-speed chain conveyor feeds material to the rotor head. Forage or straw is distributed via a common top chute, which can be swivelled through 300 degrees if this option is taken.

An in-cab control box handles the Primor 3570’s functions, including the self-loading rear door system. Kuhn says you need 70hp to run the machine effectively with silage, and standard specification models with electric controls cost £15,430. Swivel chute adds £555 to the bill.

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