Kubota launches two new tractors - the M6060 and M7060

Replacing the M6040 and M7040, Kubota has launched two new tractors the M6060 and M7060.

Updates include the use of new 3.3-litre, four-cylinder, common rail, Stage 3b compliant engines which use exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and a diesel particulate filter (DPF) to clean up emissions.

Power ratings are 64hp for the M6060 and 71hp for the M7060. At 1,400rpm, maximum torque produced by the models is 232Nm and 261Nm respectively.

Adrian Langmead, Kubota UK’s business development manager, says: “The new M6060 and M7060 follow on from the popular M40 models. With more power and increased levels of responsiveness, they offer a mid-range tractor which is ideal for small to medium-sized farms.”

A new fully synchronised transmission, with six main gears, offers 18 forward speeds and 18 reverse speeds. Top speed is 40kph.

It also features a new Eco Drive function which reduces revs at top speed to save fuel, wear and tear and reduce noise. A work cruise function also allows pre-set speeds to be set.

The new models feature an improved cab design, which allows for easier, more practical operator engagement, says the manufacturer, and the seating position has been tweaked to make users more comfortable, allowing for extended periods of activity.

Rear linkage lift capacity is 2.3 tonnes, and a Kubota mechanically self-levelling loader can be specified with a lift capacity of 1.1 tonnes.

Other standard features include a hydraulic shuttle, air conditioning, CD player, hydraulic pto engagement with two-speed pto and a category two rear linkage.

The M6060 is available with either roll-over protection or a cab, while the M7060 is only available with a cab.

Prices start from £24,400 for a cab-less M6060, up to £32,500 for the M7060.

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