John Deere hits major combine milestone

The 500,000th self-propelled combine - a 9780 STS model - has rolled off John Deere’s Harvester Works (JDHW) production line in East Moline, Illinois, USA.

This year marks the centenary of the factory, which began producing grain binders, rakes, mowers and corn binders in 1910. John Deere launched its first all-in-one combine in 1927, followed by its first self-propelled model in 1947.


“In the first 20 years, the harvesting capacity of John Deere self-propelled combines doubled, which happened again between 1980 and 2000,” says JDHW division marketing manager, Katie Dierker.

“Within the past 10 years, we have seen productivity nearly double again. This means farmers can get more done in less time, and greater meet the world’s growing food demands.”

JDHW exports to more than 35 countries and manufactures four models in the firm’s 70 Series range, a complete line of front-end equipment and the S690 range-topping model sold in Europe.

About 2,400 employees are employed at the factory, including the John Deere Product Development Centre in Silvis, Illinois.

John Deere also produces combines in Zweibrücken, Germany; Horizontina, Brazil and Jiamusi, China.

It has recently begun production of combine harvesters in Domodedovo, Russia.

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