Fendt launches two new tractor ranges for 2010

Fendt, a long-standing player in the UK tractor market, achieved a market share of 3.8 per cent in 2009 and aims to grow this to 4.8 per cent in 2010 with the launch of two new ranges - the Fendt 200 and 800 last week.

The new 200 range covers five models from the 70hp 207 to 110hp 211, which should make it simpler to work out horsepowers on most tractors.

Basic specification is high, and includes Sisu’s three-cylinder engine and the ML75 variant of the Vario transmission, with speeds from 20m/hour to 40kph possible.

Sisu power was chosen because there are no competitive models in this size with this transmission option within the Agco stable.

Tractor management

Fendt’s TMS (Tractor Management System) is optional, as is front suspension and integrated front linkage.

Lift capacities of 2,490kg out front and 4,204kg at the back are impressive for this tractor range, which is just shy of four tonnes.

Fendt is aiming the 200 models at livestock and smaller arable users, and municipal and vegetable producers. A newly-

designed front loader, the Cargo 3X65, is available for this range.

The five model 800 range was also showcased at the launch event. The 819, at 200hp, is not likely to be a big seller in the UK says Fendt, but the company expects the other four to be big movers in the battle for your big horsepower buck.

The existing 818 and 820 models will remain in the line-up too, so effectively there are seven 800 range machines to choose from.

Powering the new models is Deutz’s 6.06-litre engine with SCR (selective catalytic reduction), which meets the latest Stage 3b /Tier 4 interim emission regulations.

Fendt engineers have used the 900 range’s back end to give a bit more beef to the whole design.

All new 819 to 828 Vario models have an entirely new drivetrain, which features new, wet multi-plate disc brakes in the back axle, along with a disc brake on the cardan shaft to the front axle.

A 60kph top speed is possible and dual circuit braking and a new front axle suspension with Fendt Stability Control (FSC) come as standard.

Lift capacity is now a massive 11,110kg out back, with 5,030kg possible from the standard integrated front unit.

At 9,450kg for the 826 and 828 models, the 800 range is not that heavy, but the advantage is that adding weight is far easier than removing it. The three-point air suspended X5 cab from its larger brother gives more space and comfort for drivers.


The 800 is the first in the Fendt range to get the new Varioterminal, which includes touch screen and grab-handle mounted controls.

The grab handle and associated wheel aid in-field use, and enable all functions to be accessed and adjusted.

The screen is larger than on the older Vario terminal, and can now display multiple items such as camera inputs, GPS, IsoBus controls and documentation at the same time.

The 800 range will be available in October, while the 200 range are for order now.

Aiming to achieve big things

The Agco-owned German brand is proud of its organic UK growth, and is inching closer to achieving its 1,000 units per year mark by around 2012. Far from slashing prices, Fendt has is targeting high-end users and those who can be sold the benefits of a tractor at the top of the quality and features tree.

“We like to develop our brand differently from our fellow Agco companies, Valtra and Massey Ferguson,” says Richard Shelton. “Our marketing is different, and we build every tractor to order to remove dealer stocking issues.”

Speaking at the launch of the new Fendt 200 and 800 range last week, Mr Shelton is confident his brand can achieve big things: “We are not aiming to be top of the tractor sales charts, and are relatively happy to be selling 700 units per year,” he said.

“We are aiming to grow by offering a personal touch to our business.”


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