Lamma: Tractor Guard’s innovation in protection is rewarded

TRACTOR Guard took the top prize in the new Most Innovative Farm Invention award at Lamma held in conjunction with Farmers Guardian.

Inventors Bill Rushton and Matt Smith came up with the idea for their window protection devices 18 months ago after repeatedly hearing stories of smashed tractor windows due to flying debris from tedders, pick-up reels, hedge cutters and rear-discharge muck spreaders.

Featured in Farmers Guardian last August, the transparent guards are made from poly-carbonate, similar to material used in riot shields, and are held in place using elastic cord and suckers. Each one can be cut and shaped to any make and type of window.

Mr Rushton said, “I can’t believe we won. I knew it had potential, but I never dreamed it would take off like this.”

So far the duo has sold about 600 units, but they are not resting on their laurels. The company is now extending its portfolio to include in-cab mobile phone, bottle and control holders. It has also developed a canopy for quad bikes to protect operators from the elements.

Grainsafe picked up a certificate of merit for its Smartprobe, designed to allow farmers to monitor and keep track of grain temperatures via an array of LEDs.

Also receiving a certificate of merit was Trenona for its multiple round bale handler, which can be attached to a loader. It can handle two wrapped bales using squeezer arms, or up to five bales of hay or straw using tines.

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