Lamma: JF-Stoll show updated FCT 1060

APPEARING for the first time at a public event together since cultivation manufacturer Kongskilde acquisition of forage specialist JF-Stoll last year, the Danish pair were keen to show off their extended portfolio including the recently updated FCT 1060 trailed forager.

Its upper-cut multi-knife chopping cylinder has been revised to create more draught for better crop flow up the spout, and all functions are now controlled in-cab via electro-hydraulics.

A hydraulic swivelling spout is standard, with the option of a newly designed chute extension, which also features hydraulic folding to reduce transport height.

The FCT can be specified with a 1.8m or a 2.2m pick-up reel and with or without a metal detector. Other options include pick-up reel support wheels and a trailer pick-up hitch. Maximum power requirement remains at 190hp.

Starting price for a base model with a 1.8m pick-up reel is £38,025.

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