Lamma 2012: Kubota launches four-seat RTV

Kubota’s introduction of the RTV1140 gives the company a four-seat utility vehicle which sits above its two-seat RTV900 model.

The newcomer gets a folding bench seat, which can be cleverly tucked away to create greater load space when passenger seating is not required, extending its versatility as a utility vehicle.

Towing capacity is 590kg, while payload capability is 730kg.

While the existing RTV900 has an 898cc diesel engine, the new RTV1140 gets a larger 1,123cc three-cylinder Kubota diesel engine, packing more power - 24.8hp against the RTV900’s 21hp.

With selectable four-wheel drive and VHT Plus hydrostatic transmission, operators have access to three working speed ranges, with infinite adjustment available in each range.

A 40kph travel speed is achievable, and a locking rear differential provides additional traction, where required.

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