Lamma 11: First integral baler-wrapper for conventional bales

The Tawi Twin Revolution is said to be the world’s first conventional baler to use an integral wrapper.

Imported by Huntingdon-based Woodfield, the Tawi Twin Revolution is based on a Massey Ferguson 1839 inline baler, chosen for its central bale chamber that allows two vertically mounted wrapping tables to be installed on either side of the machine.

“Two wrappers are essential to maintain output of the combination, which is in the region of 150-200 bales per hour,” says Andrew Woodfield.

Getting bales to the wrapping tables has dictated an innovative solution to bale transport, which adds 1.5m to the length of the original baler.

As bales leave the bale chamber, a chain and spike conveyor lifts the bale vertically and transports it on to the top of the baler, where a sensor diverts the bale to either the left-hand or right-hand wrapping table.

At this point, the wrapper frame opens, widening the baler to almost 4m. This process opens the vertical wrapping mechanism and allows the bale to be dropped in.

A supporting arm - which also doubles as a means of lowering the wrapped bale to the ground - is raised to prevent the bale from simply falling through.

The baler framework then closes up, to grip the bale in the chain and slat system used to rotate the bale, allowing the supporting arm to lower to the ground so the wrapping cycle can start.

Twin film arms rotate vertically around the bale as the wrapping table spins the bale. When the cycle is complete, the supporting arm raises to collect the bale, lowering it to the ground to preserve the freshly applied film.

The entire wrapping process is automated, says the firm, and locating the wrapping tables on either side of the baler also makes it possible to watch the wrapping process from the tractor seat.

Woodfield says maximum bale length that can be handled by the wrapping tables is 110cm. When wrapping is not required, the baler can discharge its bales from the unloading ramp at the rear of the bale chamber.

Expect to pay around £84,000 for the Tani Twin Revolution machine.

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