Lamma 2012: Ezy Fill bulk fertiliser hopper

THE appeal of buying fertiliser in bulk often fades when it comes to handling and spreading, but Irish manufacturer Ezy Technology has developed a different approach to maintaining a constant supply to the spreader.

It is called the Ezy Fill and while first impressions are of a high capacity trailed spreader, this particular design has been engineered as a trailed, bulk hopper onto which the farmer’s own spreader can be mounted.

The hopper’s capacity is eight tonnes, and the installation of a rear hydraulic linkage on the Ezy Fill allows any spreader to be fitted to the back of the machine.

By using pressure sensing on the linkage to measure weight, the system can determine the amount of fertiliser remaining in the spreader and carry out an automatic filling process.

This process uses a 20cm diameter auger, which draws material from a sump in the bulk hopper which is automatically fed by a moving floor conveyor.

Ezy Technology says it is a system which allows spreading to continue uninterrupted until the eight tonne hopper is emptied.

While the bulk hopper’s floor conveyor and auger are hydraulically powered, the spreader remains mechanically driven via a pto running through the Ezy Fill’s chassis.

The manufacturer adds the Ezy Fill can be used as a seed cart when the fertiliser spreader has been removed, allowing drill hoppers to be filled from headlands.

Price of the Ezy Fill system is £18,500.

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