Higher-spec McCormick X7 Series previewed

The French show marked the beginning of a new chapter in the McCormick story with the first of a new generation of high specification Stage 3b SCR tractors known as the X 7 Series.

Shown in preview form, the six-model range includes four four-cylinder and three six-cylinder models, with outputs ranging from 140-212hp.

Set to replace the current X70 Series tractors, the only things the new Fabricco-built fledglings share with the outgoing models are the engine and tyres.

The rest is all new, including the four poster Italian-designed and built cab, and the patented passenger seat, which completely folds away into the fender.

Fitted with a six-range four-speed semi-powershift (24x24) transmission, with auto shifting in each gear, the new range goes into production in the summer, with the first models expected in the UK later this autumn. In the meantime, the X70 Series continues to be fully available.

Finally, McCormick promises us plenty more new tractors during the next two years, including a couple later this year at Agritechnica. All will share the striking exterior design and LED lighting of the X7 tractors.

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