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AF April 2014 - Precision Drills

Assessing the benefits of CTF in sugar beet

15 April 2014

Controlled traffic practices are rising in popularity in combinable crops, but with a little planning, there is no reason why the principle cannot be applied to root crops.

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Autos and 4x4s

Peugeot 2008

Peugeot 2008 offers alternative to full-on 4x4

2 March 2014

IF you would like most of the benefits of a four-wheel drive compact SUV without the steep running costs or complexity, Peugeot’s 2008 Crossover could be one for your shortlist.

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AF April 2014 - Grimme Tectron 415

Boosting profitability in roots with precision farming equipment

15 April 2014

Precision farming equipment is finding favour among potato growers, reports Jane Carley.

AF April 2014 - RapidLift

In-depth approach to cutting costs and improving weed control

13 April 2014

Varying inputs to match crop and field requirements has become established practice for farmers looking to cut costs and gain environmental benefits, reports Jane Carley.

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Lamma 2014

New Holland Lamma winner

13 March 2014

BEDFORDSHIRE farmer David Hunt has won this year’s Farmers Guardian/New Holland Lamma competition for the use of a New Holland T6 or T7 tractor for a year.

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