VIDEO: Spanish pig farms flout EU stall ban

AN investigation into maltreatment at a Spanish pig farm has prompted fresh concerns over ‘illegal’ pig meat which could be destined for the UK.

Undercover footage filmed by Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) shows pigs being housed in over-crowded, squalid conditions, with severely docked tails. The film also shows bins containing dead pigs, covered in maggots.

No enrichment meant the pigs were continuously chewing at their metal cages, investigators said.

“Bins full of dead pigs being eaten by maggots; piglets lying in their own filth; pregnant sows kept in sow stalls, so narrow that they cannot even turn around: this is a horrific reality check,” said CIWF chief executive Philip Lymbery.

“What makes this all the more scandalous is that all of the situations noted above are illegal.”

The pigs directive lays down minimum standards for the protection of pigs in the EU and included the partial banning of sow stalls from January this year.

Mr Lymbery added: “Sow stalls are a cruel reality of factory farming and, as the investigation shows, they are still in use in Spain.

“What use is a directive if we don’t follow it throughout the EU? This footage shows that the Commission must do more to enforce the pigs directive and penalise those flouting it.”

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