SEPA demands sheep dip licence fees from 2007

SHERIFF officers have been drafted in to seek payment for the disposal of sheep dip going back several years.

The Scottish Environment Agency (SEPA) said the outstanding debt – believed to have totalled hundreds of pounds – was run up by the Dalmore and Dalbeg Grazing Committee in the Isle of Lewis.

Due to the toxic nature of sheep dip chemicals, an authorisation under the Controlled Activities Regulations (CAR) must be held prior to the disposal of waste sheep dip to land. The authorisation will identify an area of land where disposal can take place and will contain conditions to prevent pollution occurring from the disposal activity.

SEPA said the licence costs for the sheep dip disposal had remained unpaid since 2007.

An agency spokesman said: “SEPA can confirm that sheriff officers have been tasked with the recovery of a series of outstanding fees dating back to 2007 from the Dalmore and Dalbeg Grazing Committee on the Isle of Lewis. 

“As with all licenses that SEPA issue for the disposal of sheep dip to land, there is an annual subsistence fee that is required to be paid to SEPA to cover the costs of carrying out monitoring at licensed sites.

“SEPA is currently in active discussions with a spokesperson for the Grazing Committee regarding payment of the outstanding debt.”  

It is understood the Dalmore and Dalbeg Grazing Committee ceased in 2007.

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