Scientists working on '3D' meat

RESEARCH is to begin on artificial, lab-grown meat which its makers say will avoid the ‘environmental train wreck’ of the real thing.

Billionaire investor and Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel has offered a grant of between £160,000 and £220,000 to help Modern Meadow develop its 3D bioprinting technique. It is a technique scientists have already been using to try to develop organs for transplant patients.

The American scientists believe the artificial meat will appeal to vegetarians who reject meat for ethical reasons.

In February, Farmer Guardian reported Dutch scientists were working on a similar ‘test-tube’ meat which would be more ethical and environmentally friendly than traditional beef production.

Farming organisations including the NBA and NFU said although the science was ‘interesting’, there was still great potential for traditional beef farming to be sustainable and efficient while at the same time reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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  • Sustainable and simple 'beef farming' has being practised by an enlightened bunch that have put their faith in grass and grass alone for many many years. It's better for the animal, better for the planet and better for us.
    Surely the money could be put to much better use. Artificial meat is just that, artificial, no thanks. No doubt the supermarkets are rubbing their hands and looking forward to by-passing the farmer altogether.
    Yet another attempt at the commodification, cheapening and industialisation of our food by the technologists. We want real food, not processed muck. This is very much a step in the wrong direction.
    3D meat......... does one have to purchase special dentures to eat it?!

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  • never heard such pap in all my life what next ?

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  • What a load of rubbish! Why waste time and money on fake meat! It just doesn't make sense and I am shocked that this has even entered someones mind. Beef is Beef!

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  • How wonderful it would be not to have to kill animals in order to eat meat. The comments below are obviously made by people who make money out of slaughtering animals and not those who care about them.

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  • 'Environmental train wreck'............I think that accurately describes intensive modern farming practices.
    Our soils are poorer, our animals less healthy and our food grossly lacking in nutrients.
    However, grass-fed animals deliver the most tastiest foods, unrivalled by anything reared in a shed on corn. Beef isn't just beef I can assure you. Ask for grass-fed animal products, be it beef, milk or cheese, there is a difference.
    Farmers should return to grassland, it's the sustainable and acceptable face of future farming.

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