No trade ban to stop illegal eggs - Paice

There will be no unilateral ban on illegal conventional cage eggs entering the UK, Farm Minister Jim Paice has confirmed today.

Mr Paice told delegates at the NFU 2012 Conference he has been told by the EU Commissioner that trade rules don’t allow the UK to stop illegal eggs coming into the country from the 13 EU states who aren’t compliant with the conventional cage-ban.

“If I could have banned them I would have done so but the law is clear on this we’ve got it in writing from the Commissioner,  and we will be publishing it shortly, but it would be illegal for any member state to initiate a unilateral ban,” Mr Paice said.

“We brought in a whole range of voluntary agreements with retailers and manufacturers, wholesalers and the catering sector. We’ve squeezed out the demand for that egg.”

Mr Paice said he was not aware any illegal eggs were coming into the UK.

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