Undiminished influence of Oman in latest bull proofs

DESPITE Oman semen no longer being available in the UK, his dominance in the bull rankings remains and all 10 top spots are held by his sons.

The newest proof run (published on Tuesday by DairyCo) has two bulls sharing the top spot - Long-Lands Oman Oman (better known as Man-O-Man) and Co-op Oman Logan.

Both have a £PLI of £225, which is not as high as Oman himself but still the highest of all the bulls currently available.

Bred in the USA, Man-O-Man specialises in protein transmission with solid fitness and type traits, while Logan transmits a higher volume of milk and offers good cell count figures and an impressive lifespan.

Timmer Tyson in third place is a completely different breeding pattern, coming from Holland and offering only a little milk but extreme constituents and good fitness traits.

Highlights further down in the table include:

Best for overall fitness

Gran-J Oman McCormick, entering the top 10 for the first time and earning equal sixth place, scores highly for SCC, lifespan and fertility.

Best for easy calving

Mainstream Manifold, another new entrant to the top 10, is one of only 10 bulls with over three points for direct calving ease, making him one of the easiest calving sires on the market.

Best fertility improver

Morningview Legend, with a fertility index of +5.8,

Highest new entrant

The UK-proven Relough Ref-ormer makes his debut at number 25, despite limited daughter information. He is impressive for fat, has a £PLI of £173 and is the highest ranking Shottle son.

Highest Goldwyn son

There are still nine Goldwyn sons in the top 100, and the highest is Ladys-Manor Dodge - a newcomer at number 29 with a £PLI of £169.

Biggest improver

The outcross sire Far-O-La Bolvr Sambo CRI (£PLI £173) is the biggest improver. With a sire stack of Boliver cross Tugolo cross Goldfinger he offers some variety in bloodlines.

Top 10 bulls ranked on £PLI
RankBull£PLIMarketed by
1=Long-Langs Oman Oman225World Wide Sires
1=Co-op Oman Logan225Bullsemen.com
3Timmer Tyson224Avoncroft
4Co-op Oman Loydie218Bullsemen.com
5Crockett-Acres Eight216Semex
6=Gran-J Oman McCormick212Genus
6=UFM-Dubs Altaesquire212Alta
8Mainstream Manifold210Semex
9Morningview Legend208Genus
10Coldsprings Garner CRI206Bullsemen.com
Source: DairyCo

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