Shottle sons enter bull proofs

SOME long-awaited Shottle sons have entered the Holstein proof run for type merit, but Braedale Goldwyn sons remain a dominant force.

The Goldwyn son Van Gogh (TM 3.55) still holds the top spot but the new number two is the new entrant Gillette Windbrook (TM 3.37), a Candian-bred bull by Gillette Brilea FBI.

Third ranking is still Crackholm Fever (TM 3.34), ahead of the second newcomer to the ranking – Curtismill Mr Sam (TM 3.22) – bred by John Torrance, Essex, by Regancrest-Mr Drham Sam out of a Mtoto dam. Mr Sam is joint fourth with ME Dal Alliance (TM 3.22), jumps from 19th position.

Another big jumper is Toscano (TM 3.04), moving 23rd position to joint 10th.

Highlights outside the top 10 include:-

- 14th: Bo-Irish Kruiser (TM 2.95), a Goldwyn son out of a Braedale-bred cow

- 15th: Maryclerc Symphony (TM 2.94), another Goldwyn son

- 16th: Giessen Struik (TM 2.91), a Shottle son making his debut

- 20th: Comestar Ladner (TM 2.85), a Goldwyn son and suggested best all-rounder of the newcomers

Lucy Andrews of Holstein UK says: “The type merit ranking is a useful starting point for any Holstein breeder interested in the conformation and durability of his cows. Within the list you will find bulls with a variety of breeding patterns – from tall to near-average stature, and from high fitness to high milk production – and amongst this range will be something to suit any type of breeder.”


RankBullTMMarketed by
2Gillette Windbrook3.37Semex
3Crackholm Fever3.34Semex
4=Curtismill Mr Sam3.22Genus
4=M.E. Dal
6R-E-W Seaver3.21Semex
7Pine-Tree Sid3.17Semex
8Mario Xacobeo3.11Dairy Daughters
9Jotan Red3.06Dairy Daughters
10=Emmark Mammoth3.04Genus

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