VMD consultation: What the farmers are saying

What is being said about new rules being considered by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate which could, it is feared, take key information away from farmers when it comes to making choices about health planning. WILLIAM SURMAN and JACK DAVIES report.

I CAN’T say I take too much notice of any marketing from drug companies, but farmers should be informed of alternative treatments especially if their current product is not having the desired effect. At least if I know what is out there I could ask my vet about it and make an informed decision about what I use.

Anonymous, dairy farmer from Pembrokeshire, Wales

I HAVE a very good relationship with my vet so don’t really see a ban as a problem, I trust the vet to do what is best for my sheep. I’m happy enough for vets to have the responsibility as long as it is transparent and they don’t come under pressure to prescribe one product over another. So provided there is a level of trust between farmer and vet I can’t see a problem with it.

Anonymous, sheep farmer from Lanarkshire, Scotland

IT IS insulting to suggest farmers cannot be trusted with the knowledge of what products are out there. I see this as a restriction of my freedom to choose.

Sue Cannon, mixed farmer from Worcestershire

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