Animal health in Scotland given £10m boost

ANIMAL science research has been given a £10m boost from the Scottish Government.

The Roslin Institute will use the funding to help develop an international livestock improvement centre.

Cabinet Secretary for Education Michael Russell made the announcement today (Monday).

He said: “Scotland has great strength and expertise across many research fields and the Roslin Institute is leading the way in the animal health sector. We want to build on existing excellence to develop our reputation in research and maximise the benefits for our economy.

“By investing in our research and development capacity, we will help sustain and improve Scotland’s livestock industry while leading efforts to relieve poverty in developing countries. It will position Scotland at the forefront of animal science research across the globe.”

The Roslin Institute is part of the University of Edinburgh and is strategically supported by the BBSRC.

This investment complements the current development of the National Avian Research Facility at Easter Bush.

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