Champion ram lamb

Suffolk National sale peaks at 10,000gns

21 July 2014

THERE was a strong demand for well fleshed, commercially focused ram lambs at the first Suffolk Sheep Society sale of the season, the National sale at Shrewsbury, which peaked at 10,000gns.

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Shows and events

RWS 2014 general

Busy opening day has set the scene for the best RWS ever Video

22 July 2014

The Royal Welsh Show held in Llanelwedd from Monday, July 21 to Thursday, July 24, is shaping up ro be another record-breaking event. Get all the latest for the, pictures and videos here.

Sharon Huwes with cow

RWS 2014: Cows gut could provide antibiotics of the future

22 July 2014

IT’S amazing what you can find in a cow’s gut – but the contents could provide the key to the human antibiotics of the future.

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On the farm

Laura and David Kirkpatrick

Improving profitability through innovative feeding systems

July 18, 2014

The thriftiness and easy-care attributes of Stabiliser cattle are being exploited to maximise profitability in innovative ways by two beef producers in the south west of Scotland. Rog Wood reports.

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BVD Zero

BVD Zero is a sponsored awareness series

BVD Zero: Failing to protect against BVD

BOVINE Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) is one of the most significant production diseases affecting cattle throughout Europe.

Morrisons special

This is a sponsored series brought to you in association with Morrisons.

Cow and calf

Morrisons: Extending Yearling Beef Scheme after successful year

27 June 2014

WITH an established commitment to British agriculture, Morrisons is keen to promote sustainable suckler/finisher systems not dependent on subsidies.

TB in cattle


Defra unveils plans for badger vaccination in TB Edge Area

22 July 2014

DEFRA has unveiled more details of its plans to encourage badger vaccination in England’s so-called bovine TB ‘Edge Area’.

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Technical features

Herbal Leys DSC07268

Grass and forage: The increasing popularity of herbal leys

July 4, 2014

The rising cost of fertiliser and feed has encouraged livestock farmers to look at alternative forage crops. Herbal leys are a popular choice for many.

James Drury believes efficient grazing helps maintain efficiencies.

Grass and forage: Correct forage management to maximise production

July 4, 2014

Maximising performance from forage through careful grazing management, reseeding and soil testing is the main focus of Bicton College’s farm in Devon, reports Farmers Guardian.

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Advice and handy hints

Top tips for keeping hoof knives sharp and at right angle Video

11 July 2014

A SHARP, well-angled knife is extremely important when trimming cows’ feet. David Rowe, professional foot trimmer and member of the national association of cattle foot trimmers, offered his top tips to keep knives sharp, clean and in good condition.

The vet column

Vet's view

Vet's View: Protect your herd from TB with biosecurity measures

26 June 2014

CARMARTHENSHIRE-based vet Paul Rodgers has been working with the Welsh Government and making biosecurity visits to farms in bovine TB areas. He offers some advice on taking precautions against the disease. Louise Hartley reports.


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Flocks and herds

Rhydian Thomas (centre) with his grandfather Iwan and father Geraint. PICTURES: Arvid Parry Jones

NSA Sheep 2014 preview: Young Shepherd of the Year win leads to on-farm changes

July 18, 2014

Rhydian Thomas is the current European Young Shepherd of the Year and member of the National Sheep Association’s (NSA) Young Ambassador Group. Together with his father, he has made some interesting management changes to his farm over the last few years.

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