Tecwyn Jones

Q&A with Tecwyn Jones as he heads to Agri Expo with home-bred team

16 October 2014

Agri-Expo has provided Welsh exhibitor Tecwyn Jones with some of his greatest triumphs, including supreme championship wins in 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2012, as well as the top steer award on two other occasions. Angela Calvert went to meet him.


Maerdy Ignition

Charolais lead trade at 22,000gns

22 October 2014

THE top price of the week came on Wednesday, the final day of the bull sales, when the Charolais bull, Maerdy Ignition, sold for 22,000gns.

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Shows and events

Lancashire HYB

All Breeds All Britain: New venue proves a success

22 October 2014

Hundreds of young dairy enthusiasts from across Britain descended on the Three Counties Showground, Malvern, for the most prestigious event in a young breeder’s calendar, the All Breeds All Britain Calf Show. Louise Hartley reports from the new venue.

All Breeds All Britain: Riverdane clinches top Holstein spot in calf class

22 October 2014

YORKSHIRE-based judge David Booth said the quality of Holstein calves on the second day of the All Breeds All Britain Calf Show had completely blown him away, and his champion was one which ‘oozed class, style and was correct in every way’.

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On the farm

Nigel Logan

Farm focus: Wagu and beer-fed cattle bring diversification success

21 October 2014

A varied mix of farming and diversification ideas has enabled one Northern Ireland farmer to reinvigorate his family farm which has become one to watch in the region. Barbara Collins visits the man behind Hillstown Meats.

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Maize Matters

Maize Matters is a sponsored series brought to you in association with KWS.

Maize Matters series

Mazie Matters 2014: Benefits of modern earlies and ultra earlies

In this penultimate article in the KWS-sponsored Maize Matters series, experts advise on harvest preparation and outline the benefits of the modern early and ultra-early varieties.

Forage Watch

Forage Watch is a sponsored series brought to you in association with Micron.

Jonathan Mason has been able to get his cows out day and night one week ahead of normal and maintain yields due to good grass growth.

Forage Watch: The final instalment after a good 2014 growing season

In our final Forage Watch for 2014, our farmers reflect on a good growing season but face the challenge of falling milk price.

Steve Jones

Forage Watch 2014: Heading into winter with the best forage stocks

THIS year’s exceptional growing season means Steve Jones is heading into the winter with the best forage stocks he has ever had, however he is fearful falling milk price could hit margins hard.

TB in cattle

Loading livestock

Plans for tabular TB valuation in Wales are scrapped

21 October 2014

THE Welsh Government has decided not to introduce a tabular valuation system for cattle slaughtered as a result of bovine TB, but there will be a £15,000 compensation cap for pedigree animals.

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Technical features


Animal health: Discover potential health benefits of using homeopathy

21 October 2014

The homeopathic treatment of livestock diseases is relatively uncommon, but the practice has been around for 200 years and devotees are convinced it works.

Calf feeding

Maintain good growth rates: Give calves a fighting chance this winter

8 October 2014

As the colder weather approaches and temperatures fall, there are several things farmers can do to ensure their calves are equipped to battle through the winter and keep up good growth rates.

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2014 beef stockjudging competition

Beef stockjudging: Use your judging skills to win £200

Do you consider yourself a good judge of stock? If so, enter the Farmers Guardian annual stockjudging competition, organised to promote the winter fairs we are supporting throughout the UK and you could win the top prize of £200, with two runners-up each receiving £50.

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