Welsh beef and lamb executive steps down

A long-serving character in the Welsh meat industry is hanging up his apron after 43 years.

Graham Titchener has spent a lifetime working in the industry, the last 26 years with red meat promotion agency Hybu Cig Cymru and before that its predecessor, the Meat and Livestock Commission.

During his working life he has helped spearhead efforts to promote Welsh lamb and beef across the world — with particular emphasis on the Middle and Far East — helping to open up new markets in the United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong in the process.

As a former butcher he has also worked closely with independent butchers across Wales, helping to devise promotional materials including recipe booklets and posters to drive up sales.

The outgoing marketing executive said: “A lot has changed in the years since I started out. I feel particularly saddened by the decline in the number of independent butchers over the years, but that is due mainly to changing consumer habits with more and more people eating out or buying ready-made meals instead of cooking from fresh.

“Things are changing once again, however, with celebrity chefs extolling the virtues of home cooking, encouraging people to choose fresh meat and develop their culinary skills.

“I strongly believe that the Welsh red meat industry has a positive future because Welsh lamb and beef are excellent products in their own right.

“But on top of that, Welsh processors and individual butchers have shown that they can innovate by creating everything from convenience foods like pies and sausages to providing new cuts to make the home cooking experience easier.”

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