Support for farmer refusing to sell land for power station

MORE than 200 people turned out for a rally on Anglesey at the weekend to back a farmer who is refusing to sell his land for the development of a new generation nuclear power station.

Dairy farmer Richard Jones and his family has farmed at Caerdegog, near Llanfechell, for 300 years and says losing 65 acres of the farm’s best agricultural land plus another 20 acres of rented ground would make the holding unviable.

Developers, Horizon Nuclear Power, on the other hand says it has listened to the family and is looking again at the matter in great detail.

“It would mean 80 dairy cows would have to be sold and the remaining land would not be viable as an agricultural unit,” says Mr Jones.

Horizon was making it sound as if the company no longer wanted to buy his land, but that was not the case.

“They still want to buy my land, but I hold the pack and I am not going to give them a single card. They will have to force me to sell,” added Mr Jones.

“I realise people need jobs but at what cost? I can’t understand why they need so much land.”

Richard Foxhall, stakeholder relations manager for Horizon Nuclear Power, said the new power station would help retain the island’s younger generations who were leaving the island because there were not enough jobs.

He said some specialist construction workers would be required for a period, but claims that 6,000 houses would be built, or that a migration of 16,000 people was expected, were not true.

Local people would be employed during construction and operation.

The company had listened to the Jones family’s concerns and was ‘looking at this again in great detail’.

“We may or may not need to buy some of the land but we do not see any reason why the farm cannot be a going concern in the hands of the Jones family for generations to come.”

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