Snow and rain return to drought hit parts of UK

WINTRY weather has returned to northern parts of Scotland, with several inches of snow covering the ground in Aberdeenshire.

The temperature in Aboyne, which broke records three days in a row last week, reaching 23.6C, has now plummeted to 2C – a reduction of 20 degrees in a matter of days.  

The Met Office issued severe weather warnings and police were bracing themselves for heavy disruption on the roads.

In the Highlands, the A939 Grantown-on-Spey to Dava and the B9007 Carrbridge to Ferness have already been closed due to heavy snowfall.

Northern parts of England are also feeling the cold snap, with temperatures in Yorkshire and Lancashire expected to plummet to just above freezing towards the end of the week.  

It comes after experts said England needed double the normal amount of rainfall this summer if water stocks were to be fully replenished.

Weather forecasters are predicting rain and light snow in northern England over the next few days.

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