RPA meets first formal target six weeks ahead of schedule

THE Rural Payments Agency has met its first formal 2009 Single Payment Scheme (SPS) target six weeks ahead of schedule.

The latest figures, published on Thursday (December 17), show that the agency had paid out £1.4 billion to 89,700 claimants.

This represents just under 76 per cent of the estimated total fund of £1.86 billion and over 83 per cent of the estimated total claimant population of 107,500.

In the week that its reputation has taken a further battering in two highly critical reports the agency has been able to announce that it has therefore met its target of making 75 per cent of full payments by value, by the end of January 2010.

The agency said it was working hard to finalise checks on the remaining claims and is aiming to pay the remaining 17,800 farmers still without their money ‘as quickly as possible’.

The agency’s remaining formal 2009 SPS target is to make 90 per cent of full payments, by value, by the end of March 2010.

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