NFU to launch new campaign

THE NFU is to launch a successor campaign to its long-running ‘Why Farming Matters’ in May.

NFU director of policy and communications Martin Haworth said the Why Farming Matters campaign had been successful in promoting the benefits of the farming industry.

But he said the new campaign, the name of which is still under wraps, would be more consumer focussed.

It would seek to demonstrate ‘the value farming can do for the country’ and, in doing so, to establish greater loyalty among consumers towards British food, he said.

While the NFU  council has endorsed the campaign, some members believe it could go further than currently planned in terms of funding and ambition.

Wiltshire delegate Minette Batters, a key figure in the Ladies in Beef movement, which promotes British beef, said the campaign should aim to promote specific products.

She said the NFU should ensure there is sufficient funding, including from other interested parties such as retailers, to promote the messages of the campaign extensively across all available media channels.

“That is a plea from the South West,” she said as she outlined a resolution on the matter from the region.

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