NFU next generation group elects leader

WILLIAM Lawrence, who runs a dairy, beef and arable farm partnership with his parents in Wales, has been elected as the first chairman of the NFU’s Next Generation Policy Forum (NGPF).

Mr Lawrence, 31, who was elected by a ballot of the 16 members of the NGPF, studied agricultural business management at Wye College, and worked as an agricultural consultant for six years. He then worked in the economics team at NFU headquarters for a year before returning to the family farm.

The cross-sector forum is aimed at providing a platform for policy discussion between the NFU’s policy teams in Stoneleigh, London and Brussels and the next generation of farmers and growers.

Members of the forum, working with NFU policy advisers, will have an opportunity to influence policy development at a key time for farming and learn about the NFU’s decision-making processes at the same time.
Mr Lawrence, who described his appointment as a ‘great privilege’, said: “The creation of this forum will provide more of a voice to the next generation of NFU members and also gives us an invaluable opportunity to experience how the NFU functions, particularly the vital lobbying work that it does. 

“I’m sure all members of the forum are relishing the opportunity of participating in this process, providing their views and opinions on a range of farming issues which could help influence policy during what is an exciting and challenging period for the agricultural industry.”

  • The two vice-chairman positions will be announced later this month, and the next official meeting with the elected members is scheduled for May 2012. 

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