Inputs rise could force pig farmers out of business

UP to 10 per cent of pig producers could be forced out of business, the National Pig Association (NPA) has claimed.

The NPA is laying the blame on poor weather around the world making pig feed too expensive for farmers and is urging shoppers to buy British.

NPA general manager Dr Zoe Davies said: “If supermarkets see a surge in demand for British products, they may be persuaded to pay our farmers the few extra pennies a kilo more they need to cover their soaring feed bills.

“We are asking shoppers, who have always been incredibly loyal in the past, to please be extra careful to look for the British Red Tractor logo on bacon, sausages, and pork.”

British pig farmers have faced a 25 per cent increase in the cost of pig feed ingredients, such as wheat and soya, in recent weeks as a result of poor crop-growing conditions, particularly in the United States.

At the same time, intense high street rivalry is making supermarkets reluctant to pay farmers more to cover their extra costs of production.

The NPA estimates if 10 per cent of British pig farmers leave the industry there will be:

  •  1.5m fewer British bacon rashers every week
  •  2.3m less British sausages a week
  • 1.5m fewer British sausage rolls

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  • Seems to me the pig industry is in the same mess a uk dariy farmers . High input costs . low returns from high investment cost . And last and not least Mega Pressure from the Retail sector . So why is the UK ag industry in such a mess . Bearing in mind we have 60 plus million people we know about never mind the 10 million the government don,t know about. . any comments

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