CAP vision adopted by MEPs

THE European Parliament has adopted a Scottish MEP’s report on the future of the Common Agricultural Policy post 2013.

George Lyon’s plans for a more sustainable, fairer and greener CAP will now form the basis of the European Parliament’s position on reform as the debate moves on to the European Commission.

Mr Lyon said he was ‘delighted’ with the result and hoped his report would influence the Commission communication due out in the autumn.  

“The reformed and renewed CAP must address the challenges of the new century, putting sustainability, fairness, green growth and innovation at its heart.

“We have resisted attempts by some to water down the package of reform and the report has emerged with a strong mandate for long overdue change,” said Mr Lyon after the vote yesterday (Thursday, July 8).

Scott Walker, NFU Scotland’s Policy Director, said the report was ‘good news’ for British farmers and urged policy makers listen to follow Parliament’s recommendations on the CAP budget.

“It is more important than ever that decision makers recognise the value of the CAP in providing EU citizens with a secure supply of affordable and safe food.  

“In order to achieve this, the level of the budget will be critical so it is good news that the Parliament has said that the CAP budget should be at least maintained at its current level,” he said.

The Lyon report in brief:

  • The CAP budget must maintained beyond 2013
  • Agricultural policy should not be renationalised
  • Direct payments should be fully funded from the EU budget (and not match funded by Member State governments)
  • Farmers should receive top-up payments for tackling climate change
  • Distribution of CAP funds should be fair to old and new Member States
  • Imports from third countries should be subject to the same welfare and safety standards as within the EU
  • Clearer information on country of origin is a priority
  • Farmers should be given more power to deal with processors and retailers
  • Rural Development is crucial in order to abate land abandonment and to attract young farmers into the industry

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