Kendall calls on retailers to drop ombudsman opposition

NFU president Peter Kendall has called on supermarkets to back an independent ombudsman ‘before it’s too late’.

Speaking at the grocery market think tank, the Institute of Grocery Distributors (IGD), convention in London today (Tuesday, October 13), he urged retailers to drop their opposition to the plans.

He said: “This isn’t just about protecting suppliers, it’s also about long-term consumer interest.

“I would urge the retailers to take a step back on this, give up their lobbying of ministers and get behind the establishment of an ombudsman.”

He also called on retailers to take the lead in the debate surrounding GM foods, claiming their stand-off with opponents was preventing the industry moving forward.

He said: “I’m asking retailers to take a lead in this debate. If consumers hear about the benefits from them, they might be less cynical and less quick to believe this is all about farmers and seed companies chasing profits at the expense of the environment.

“Your involvement will be critical in moving the debate on, to everybody’s benefit.”

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