Brian May performs Olympics closing ceremony in 'badger coat'

THE British Countryside may not have featured in last night’s (Sunday) Olympics closing ceremony as it did in the spectacular opening two weeks ago, but there was a subtle nod to the badger cull courtesy of rock legend Brian May.

The guitarist, who appeared on stage as part of a tribute to Queen, wore a jacket with a badger motif stitched inside a ‘Q’ on his left arm. He wore a picture of a fox on his right arm.

The animal rights campaigner has been at the forefront of the opposition to the badger cull, which is likely to go ahead in West Gloucestershire and West Somerset in Autumn.

However supporters were dealt a blow last week when the Badger Trust was granted the right to appeal against a High Court ruling in July that Defra’s planned badger cull is lawful.

No date has yet been set for the hearing.

The pilots were scheduled towards the end of the year to ensure they began after the Olympics had finished.

Natural England is currently considering licence applications submitted by companies formed by farmers in the two pilot cull areas.

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  • Glad you commented as I, along with probably thousands of people were so busy enjoying the show to even see, let alone worry what he had ON HIS JACKET. From what I understand its a Badger Cull, not a Badger erase from the face of the earth. Considering the damage caused by these lovely little animal they need to be controlled, with by being moved so numbers can be increased where possible or culled to keep numbers down. CONTROLLED NOT DISTROYED PROTECTED NOT PERSECUTED. As with other wild life.

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  • Amazing how some people use the word 'cull' as if it's not actually killing. 'CONTROLLED NOT DESTROYED PROTECTED NOT PERSECUTED' 'Considering the damage caused by (people) far outweighs that caused by badgers, perhaps people should be regularly 'culled too?

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  • Was it real badgerskin ?

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  • I genuinely can not get my head around the fact that these so called animal rights people are kicking up a stink about a controlled cull on badgers but are more than happy to see thousands of cattle killed!

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  • I don't think anyone said they're happy to see thousands of cattle killed - silly comment. Animal rights activists campaign for many different campaigns to protect all animals - its just the vast majority of people are blissfully unaware of this as they tuck into their factory farmed, drug laden burger.

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  • I noticed it ..... I can't get over his ridiculous comment about foxes being statistically safer as pets then dogs... The fact that so many people get bitten by foxes is evidence there are to many given they are wild and so shouldn't be around people. As for people doing damage being human and having the intelligence to choose between right and wrong and learning from past mistakes we are constantly trying to lighten the 'human footprint' as it where. animals do not have this ability which is why it is down to us to make the responsible and sometimes difficult decision to selectively kill or even sometimes to eradicate some animals.

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  • This comment has been moderated

  • interesting how many "anonymous" comments for culling!

    intersting that we also seem to have forgotton that the reason we now see so many suburban foxes is due to their lack of natural habitat!

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  • "fact that so many people get bitten by foxes is evidence"
    What 'fact' is this then? Haven't seen many facts abut fox attacks. Note that an anecdotal story you read in the Daily Mail isn't a fact or evidence. Duh!!!

    "kicking up a stink about a controlled cull on badgers but are more than happy to see thousands of cattle killed"
    Do you know what happens to these cattle (who haven't got tb)? Do you think they go on to live long happy lives only dying of old age? Are you really that naive?

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  • I can't believe you have posted such stupid comments Emma Vincent.
    There are plenty of fox's here in the countryside and the reason they are in towns is because they are territorial and have been driven into towns by other fox's.They are the weak and mangy,not the strong healthy specimens you see out here. This is because there are to many of them and we are overrun with the vermin. If we still had proper hunting this wouldn't be such a problem.
    Its the same with badgers , the ones that have TB are driven out by the others to go on and spread TB further afield. This is why the controlling of their numbers must be carried out.
    I often wonder how you animal rights people deal with mice and rat problems in your houses, or even ant and slug problems in your gardens.
    Are you a vegetarian , even if you are I bet you still wear leather shoes,belt ,handbag. Where do you think the leather comes from or don't you want to think about things like that. You bloody people make me sick , you have no idea where your food comes from or the effort that goes into producing it.

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  • Ummm.

    ' Mark Hmmond.

    Without getting into a slanging match for or against a cull, all the AR people I know (about three) are vegans and don't use leather; plastic is a good substitute.

    BTW. Why don't you be more imaginative and have a go at them for using old fashioned print camera film. This is made with gelatin and thet comes from animals.

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