Farming hot topic : Bovine TB (bTB)

TB in cattle continues to be farming’s most divisive issue. Farmers Guardian’s ‘TB hot topics’ section features all the latest news on bovine TB as it happens, as well as features and videos highlighting the human cost of living with the disease and on the scientific, historic and political backdrop.


"Why I can't continue to farm with TB" - farmer speaks out Video

A SHROPSHIRE farmer has spoken of his ‘devastation’ at having to wind down his beef herd after battling with bovine TB (bTB) for six years.

Westmorland Charolais

Positive TB test on calf 'shatters' family's show hopes

A SHROPSHIRE farming family’s carefully laid plans for another successful show season have been shattered by the discovery of bovine TB (bTB) in a three-month-old calf.

Eighty years of battling bovine TB

OUR timeline shows the ups and downs of battling TB over the years, from the 1930s to present day.


Culling badgers can bring lasting benefits, farming and vet leaders claim

FARMING and veterinary industry leaders have insisted culling badgers can deliver long-term, lasting benefits in bovine TB (bTB) hotspots in England and Wales.

Further reading

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  • TB Free England

    Developed by NFU, offers 'everything you need to know about bovine TB in cattle and badgers', including news, facts, information about the planned badger cull and videos of farmers affected by the disease.
  • Defra TB website

    Defra’s new website outlines TB policy in England and links to all the relevant pieces of information
    - The monthly TB statistics for Britain can be found here
    - There is also still plenty of TB-related information on Defra’s old website
    - AHVLA’s advice and information on the disease can be found here
    - The Bovine TB Eradication Advisory Group for England (TBEAG) has been set up to advise on the development and implementation of a strategy for eradicating bovine TB (website)
  • Welsh Government

    Details on all elements of Welsh Government TB policy, including its vaccination programme, can be found here
  • Northern Ireland Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

    Policy in Northern, including the wildlife ‘Test, Vaccinate or Remove’ policy is detailed here
  • The Independent Scientific Group on Bovine TB report

    The controversial 289-page 2007 report that has been so influential in how TB is controlled in Britain
  • British Veterinary Association advice

    The BVA has a wealth of advice and information, including on the latest cattle measures
  • Bovine TB blog

    Thoroughly researched and well-written blog putting a farmers’ perspective on the reality of living with the disease, the science behind it all and the politics of TB and badgers
  • The Badger Trust

    Campaigning strongly to halt the cull
  • Team badger

    A coalition of national, local and grass roots animal and wildlife welfare organisations, backed by high profile celebrities, campaigning to stop the cull.
  • Rethink TB

    Articles and forums on various aspects of bTB, including the risk to humans, the public cost and the merits of vaccination versus culling.
  • The Wildlife Trusts

    The Wildlife Trusts outline why they are opposed to the cull.

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