Dairy industry crisis

For the latest milk price developments and dairy campaign events, as well as pictures, comments and expert discussion visit our section on the dairy industry.

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Bovine TB

Bovine TB is one of the biggest issues facing the industry today. A devisive issue among politicians, farmers and animal welfare groups. Find out what is being done to control its spread, visit our Bovine TB section.

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RSS feed for UK weather and climate change

UK weather and climate change

Climate change

Climate change is a big issue for farmers today and the industry is coming under increased pressure to reduce its carbon footprint. For all the latest news, guidance and advice visit our Climate Change section.

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Schmallenberg virus

Schmallenberg virus

For the latest developments and what authorities are doing to control the virus as well as latest news, pictures, comments and expert discussion, visit our Schmallenberg section.

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Getting started in farming

Getting Started

Getting a foothold on the farming ladder is an issue which prompts strong rhetoric, but is often not matched by direct action. Farmers Guardian presents a perspective from all levels of the industry.

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NFU Conference 2014

NFU Conference at The ICC, Birmingham

NFU Conference 2014

Farming leaders gathered in Birmingham for the NFU 2014 Conference on February 25 and 26. Farmers Guardian reported Live from the event.