Welsh Minister promotes harmony with Defra on CAP

WALES’ Deputy Agriculture Minister said he was pleased about the way Defra represented the needs of Welsh farmers.

Alun Davies, speaking at the European Parliament in Brussels, said he was comfortable about the way Defra represented the needs of Welsh farmers, but said it was vital he spoke up for their demands as well.

He conceded, however, there were differences.

He said: “The UK Government wants to see a cut in Pillar One and Wales does not. But there is a great deal of agreement across the whole of the UK in wanting to see the agrcultural sector succeed.”

He said he would continue to fight the corner of Welsh farmers, especially when it came to issues such as the transition from historic to area based payment which did not affect England.

Mr Davies’ tone was slightly more complementary of the UK administration than that of Scottish Rural Affairs Secretary Richard Lochhead who has often clashed with the Westminster Government.

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