Seed merchant imports record quantities

A Lincolnshire-based seed merchant has imported record quantities of seed as a result of UK spring shortages.

Cope Seeds said last year’s poor harvest and wet weather meant farmers were sowing in spring rather than winter, which had put pressure on supplies of spring cereals for this year’s harvest.

And the firm expects to import more seed in the next few months as a result of lower than average yields and therefore seed stock for the 2013 harvest because of late drilling and poor crop establishment.

Trevor Cope, managing director at Cope Seeds, said: “Looking at the areas entered for seed multiplication and the predicted yields for this year’s harvest it is clear there will be serious pressure on the availability of C2 certified winter wheat, barley and oat seed.

“Most autumn crops are two weeks behind their normal growth stage, which means farmers will be harvesting later than normal.

“My advice to those who want to grow specific varieties is to contact your regular seed supplier and cover early. This will ensure growers receive the variety of choice at an agreed and advantageous early price.”

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