MP backs British pig farmers

ANOTHER MP has thrown his support the campaign to save British pig farmers.

Neil Parish, chairman of the all party parliamentary group on pigs and poultry, has pledged his support for the Save Our Bacon campaign and has called for shoppers to support pig farmers by buying British.

By looking for the independent Red Tractor logo consumers can by bacon safe in the knowledge that their meat comes from British farms, produced to the highest animal welfare standards.

This will push up demand and encourage retailers to pay farmers a fair price that covers their costs of production, he said.

British pig farmers have suffered in recent years due to the world-wide escalation in the price of feed grains and soya. Poor weather conditions and harvest forecasts as well as

Increasing demand from developing countries such as China have resulted in the price of wheat increasing from £165 to £193.

Consequently pig feed, which represents 65 per cent of the cost of producing a pig, has risen 25 percent in the last few weeks – an unprecedented increase, in an unprecedented short period of time.

It takes eight months to produce a bacon pig, so farmers cannot respond instantly to changes in market conditions.  Their only options are to sell-up, or struggle on, selling their pigs at a loss. 

And it will take too long — another six months — for retail prices to reflect these much-higher production costs.

Mr Parish said: “Unlike most farmers, pig farmers do not receive European Union agricultural subsidies for their produce, so they really do need our help. By buying bacon labelled with the Red Tractor logo we can save British bacon for future generations”.

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  • I'm only interested in buying Soil Association certified organic, free-range, meat. Pork/ham/bacon raised under these conditions seems to be almost impossible to come by, so I buy beef or eat vegetarian meals instead. I don't want to eat meat or dairy products raised on GM feed, which isn't given the opportunity to free-range, or which are subject to routine antibiotics. Raise the standards of British pig production and I'll buy it.

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