Scottish Government urged to clarify CAP stance

A EURO MP has called on the Scottish Government to clarify its position on recommendations outlined in the Pack Report.

George Lyon, Liberal Democrat MEP for Scotland, claims there has been silence from the Scottish Government since the report was published in November 2010, and the agriculture industry is increasingly looking for answers as to whether the recommendations in the report will become official government policy.

Mr Lyon said: “The silence from the Scottish Government has been deafening since the Pack Report was launched. 

“The detailed negotiations are now fast approaching and it is becoming clearer that there are big divisions between Member States and the European Parliament on whether to green direct payments or to leave environmental measures in Pillar 2.

“There are also serious fault lines around a fairer distribution of payments not to mention the size of the budget and the UK rebate.  “Richard Lochhead must come out and tell the agricultural industry if Brian Packs recommendations will be taken forward to form the official Scottish government negotiating position.

“Farmers have been left with more questions than answers. No answer on whether the Scottish Government supports the end of historic payments by 2014.

“No answers on Packs greening of direct payments and targeting direct payments at LFA areas.

“Similar questions arise on the livestock headage scheme and the use of LFA and non LFA land designations to distribute payments in Scotland on an area basis.  

“Brian Pack’s report was thorough and raised some interesting proposals. It is time for Richard Lochhead to stop dithering and nail his colours to the mast.”

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  • "There are also serious fault lines around a fairer distribution of payments..."
    The Art. 39 1 b) of the Lisbon Treaty (The Treaty on Functioning of the EU) states:
    “(b) thus to ensure a fair standard of living for the agricultural community, in particular by increasing the individual earnings of persons engaged in agriculture;”
    Why no discussion occurred yet regarding the criterias of FAIR STANDARD of LIVING?

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