SAC to work on M&S carbon footprint

MARKS & Spencer has commissioned the Scottish Agricultural College to examine developments in livestock production and breeding that might help the retailer’s farmer-suppliers reduce its supply chain’s carbon footprint.

SAC will look at beef, sheep, dairy, poultry and pigs. Workshops and other events will take the messages to farmers and others in M&S’s food supply chain.

Paul Willgoss, head of food technology at M&S, said: “There’s a desire and drive from the farming industry to cut emissions.

“What isn’t commonplace is the knowledge and technology to achieve this while producing more food and protecting our environment. This is where we believe we can make a difference.”

Morrisons has also already engaged SAC to work with it at Dumfries House, the farm in Ayrshire, which the supermarket is building up a farming enterprise to demonstrate ‘best practice’.

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