Public 'being misled' over halal meat

RESTAURANTS and sporting venues across the UK have been slammed by animal welfare groups after a national newspaper investigation discovered many were selling halal meat without informing consumers.

The Mail on Sunday (MoS) revealed yesterday (Sunday, September 19)  a number of key venues including Wembley Stadium and Twickenham selling the controversial meat, prepared in accordance with sharia law.

All the beef, lamb and chicken sold at Wembley Stadium is halal – with no information telling consumers of its origin, the investigation claims.

Meanwhile, the investigation found three quarters of chicken sold at hotel and restaurant group Whitbread – which owns Beefeater and Brewers Fayre chain outlets – was also halal.

The claims come a week after the world’s largest airline catering firm, GateGourmet, would make most of its dishes halal meaning passengers on British Airways flights will all be served the specially slaughtered meat.

Welfare campaigners claim halal meat involves cruelty to animals, which under sharia law must be killed by slitting the throat with no stunning.

The controversial practice does not involve a bolt gun and involves the animal being killed while still sentient.

The latest revelations will raise serious questions over how much information is given to consumers to help them make informed choices about the food they buy.

The RSPCA and Vegetarians International Voice for Animals (Viva!) have already expressed their outrage at the claims, and Viva called on consumers to boycott those outlets exposed as selling the meat.

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  • I don't trust anything in the Mail - its mostly drivel as far as I can see. Why would you broaden your customer base and then not advertise it? Sounds like a load of made up rubbish if you ask me.

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  • This is so the case, not only is it the venues that are using halal meat, but many schools across the uk as well.
    KFC is another offender not giving consumers a choice and also Subway outlets. Mcdonalds are next in line.

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  • I respect Moslems wishing to buy this meat even though I do not support ritual slaughter.
    Please tell us about restaurants and sporting outlets where we can avoid supporting this barbaric slaughter.

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  • Please get your information on how all slaughter is done before criticising Halal slaughter. The method being used is practically identical with non Halal and done in the same facility which is why they are not bothered to separate the two! Most Halal meat and poultry is stunned, and a lot of it mechanically slaughtered, as in the instance with KFC. Same way all the chicken is slaughtered. These issues are not animal welfare issues.
    Has everyone forgotten the days of 'mad cow disease' caused because of the way animals were slaughtered?
    Under Halal rules, "the cut must be made to the right side of the neck by cutting the two carotids, the two jugulars, the windpipe and the gullet, but without breaking the spinal cord." The severing of the spinal cord in regular slaughter is why we had BSE and CDJ in the UK, that’s why its important in halal process not to cut the spinal cord to stop cross contamination.
    That and previous stunning by the 'mushroom head bolt' causing brain matter to go into the blood stream causing the same contamination. This is proven scientific knowledge, not just a religious issue, resulting in the killing of thousands of animals and the deaths of many people.
    All the general public choosing to buy Halal and Kosher meat are aware of these issues and do it for the better quality of meat for human consumption.

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  • As for whoever said halal is a barbaric slaughter, go to peta & watch the vidios on how american slaugher house's do it. As for whoever said, its about time we stopped letting people of this religion dictate us, why dont you go to any popular grocery store in america & see how much halal meat is ther, & how much kosher meat is there!!

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  • in order for meat to be halal the anilmal has to be cut in a certain spot to kill them instantly nd without pain u thing electrocuting them is not cruel? Ur all just biggets that hate muslims! get over it im austrslian and reverted to islam its a much better lifestule than drinking and sleoping around!

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