FUW seeks views on Glastir scheme

AS industry concerns continue, the Farmers Union of Wales is looking for feedback from farmers on the scoring system set by the Welsh Assembly Government to gain access to the new Glastir land management scheme.

WAG has just published the documentation for the All Wales Element of the scheme - including the scorecard and guidance, whole farm code and the all-Wales element options - which can be found on the FUW’s website at www.fuw.org.uk.

The scorecard has been developed as a guide to assist farmers in selecting the options available to them to complete on the farm.

It will also determine the threshold number of points required to access Glastir based on the size of the farm and whether it is part of the organic scheme.

Once the chosen options which the farmer wants or is able to complete have been added, the scorecard will determine if the farm has accrued sufficient points to enter Glastir.

“We want all of our members to have a go at completing the scorecard in order to ascertain just how accessible Glastir actually is to farmers, and pass on the results to our county offices,” says FUW land use and parliamentary committee chairman, Richard Vaughan.

“Such feedback is vitally important to the union so we can understand whether particular sectors are having difficulty in earning sufficient points to enter the scheme and take up industry concerns with the Assembly.”

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