First Milk announces new chairman

FIRST Milk has announced Bill Mustoe as its new chairman.

Mr Mustoe comes from the food industry and was selected by the board following interviews with both internal and external candidates.

He will take over from Richard Greenhalgh at the co-op’s annual meeting on October 29.

Mr Mustoe has director level experience of both private label and branded businesses both within the UK and internationally.

He has chaired a number of well-known businesses including the European arm of Cott Beverages, the largest private label cola supplier in the world and Whitworth, the largest dried fruit company in the UK.

Prior to this, he held European and UK executive roles with the Campbell’s Soup Company including UK group managing director.

First Milk chief executive Peter Humphreys  said: “Bill has over thirty years experience spanning a number of consumer goods sectors and will be an asset to our business.”

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