Farmers blockade Tesco depot in fresh protest

TESCO was again the target of a Farmers for Action protest last night as farmers blockaded, without warning, a major distribution depot at Hinckley, Leicestershire at about 8pm.

After a two hour stand-off, FFA leader Dave Handley said senior management were willing to talk.

“The trouble is they just don’t get it – they can’t accept farmers are not getting a fair share of the money in the supply chain because of supermarket power and downward price pressure on their processors. We were not just talking about milk, it was also about the ‘Hovis issue’ and also red meat.

“We had a good relationship with the police. There was no attempt to move us on and there was no trouble whatsoever.”

Mr Handley said another blockade was planned elsewhere within the week.

“I am afraid Tesco are beginning to believe their own spin,” he said.

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  • WHY?? sorry but if the farmers can't make it pay then don't supply Tesco.

    Regardless of what us farmers think 99% of the public support supermarkets because they provide cheap food. You will never see a supermarket car park empty, so they are doing something right.
    (most farmers wives shop there as well)

    Therefore if you can't supply the product within price then don't supply them simple. There are plenty of farmers who will take your place. Last thing we need is a few farmers making us all look bad.


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  • Asda should be targeted to, but with bigger numbers of farmers and for a longer period, they have made massive profits for too long at are expence !

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  • The Debt grows, and we all feel the pain, but with their Free Car Parks, the clock keeps ticking and the Supermarkets continue to prosper.

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  • Why do we still have stories such as these, some farmers actually think someone is bothered about their plight.

    You never see other supermarket suppliers act in such a manner, what makes us so important?

    The problem we have in this country is that we have massive over capacity in this sector and not supermarkets, until capacity is reduced farmers will fail to make high profits.

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  • With a world population to feed closing on 9 Billion, the previous ANONYMOUS post is a classic example of the Left-Wing garbage that has been trying to push our once great nation over the precipice. . We saw more of them in action at the student riots on Wednesday. .

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  • Charles the farmers and the rioters you mention have much in common. Both are trying to use the media to further their cause.

    Both will be unsucessful as they do not understand that supermarkets and the govertment need to save money in order to continue operating, therefore they can not hand money out and have to extract the best possible value for money.

    The Labour party handed money out and look where it got them, they should have operated like Tesco and maybe the country wouldn't be in the mess that it is now.

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  • Please stop insulting farmers Anonymous. . Farming has always been based on the hard-work ethic. . Very luckily for the population, the cyclical nature of all food and livestock production has meant that because animals are involved, farmers and those in agriculture could never just 'down tools' as other industries have always done to get fair treatment. . If the Government operated like Tescos we would have a society like China's with mining etc. . Farmers for Action has been telling farmers for a long time that they need to be like the French farmers if they really want justice and fair play. . People will probably have to be hungry again as they were in War time before they realise what they are allowing to happen to our food production industry.

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  • Firstly Charles thousands of farmers HAVE been downing tools for the past 10-15 years and leaving the industry all together. But no one seems to care.

    Secondly the govertment has asked Tesco directors back in July to help it, because the previous govertment was spending in excess of income, but I have not seen any signs of the country turn in to China as a result of Tescos advice I only see the lazy being forced to work. We owe China billions in loans so we should be grateful rather than putting them down.

    Also Mr Cameron has secured a 45 million pound pig export trade deal with China only 3 days ago and as a farmer I am grateful to China for allowing us to sell stock their.

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  • Anonymous your grasp of the economics relating to China is obviously negligible. . . China keeps it's exchange rate artificially very, very low so it can exploit its vast population for the benefit of the Elite. . It keeps its people poor so all the rich Communist establishment can prosper. . You will notice one them bid £43million for a vase.

    Of course the Labour Party didn't care about farmers leaving the land. . They wanted/want to hand it all back to the proletariat. . . We will end up be farmed by very inexperienced drones, all taking instruction from Brussels the way its going. . And I no longer trust David Cameron. . The result of the last election was manipulated by Common Purpose in my view.

    I suspect you are not actually a farmer just someone trying to push your views onto the agriculture community.
    Our productive industry for general consumer products has now been all but destroyed by cheap imports 'with borrowed money' keeping our inflation rate artificially low. . Our industry has been exported to China.

    The 45 million pound pig export trade deal with China was just a sop. . It's almost just a bad joke when you consider their nearly 1.4 billion population.

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  • Charles we seem to be going off topic here.

    The problem we have is that 70% of dairy farmers work long hard hours, invest heavily and take big risks and yes do make a profit, eventough most of the profit has to be re invested back into new plant and livestock.

    However 30% of farmers yes do also work very hard and take big risks. unfortunatly for one reason or another eg they are too small or don't have the means to introduce modern technology are making a loss. However because the 30% are working at a loss it creates unfair competition for the remaining 70%.

    Farming is going to become far more competitive in the future. The worlds population is growing which will lead to cheaper, poorer quality food production eg super dairies and gm crops. You can not expect someone from a poor country to spend 80p on a pint of milk its a full days wage!. There is no doubt that poorer quality cheaper food will continue to be imported into this country.

    Sorry its not nice but the farming industry need to find a way to reduce capacity by removing the loss makers and look to the future or they will be left behind. The modern consumer always demands a cheaper product.

    Charles believe it or not there will be alot of farmers on here who will agree with me.

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