Arla to focus on own-label butter at Westbury

ARLA Foods is to concentrate own- label retail packet butter production at Westbury Dairies.

The company became a shareholder with First Milk and Milk Link in Westbury in September and since then all three have been looking at ways of developing the potential of the Wiltshire site.

From August next year,  Arla will take responsibility for the operation of the existing bulk butter‐making facility at the Wiltshire site but will also build a dedicated butter making and packing facility for retail . Arla makes own-label for several of the big retailers. To date, it has been made  at Settle, in North Yorkshire, as well as Götene in Sweden and Varde in Denmark.

Some 60 jobs will be created at Westbury and complements the business’s other major butter production facility at Holstebro in Denmark.

It will potentially result in the closure of production  at Settle and Götene - and the closure of the Varde site.  

The company says the development significantly reduces food miles and transport costs.   

Chief executive Peter Lauritzen said the move would enhance Arla’s  environmental credentials in line with its carbon reduction strategy - and further reinforce commitment to the UK.   

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