All corrected RLR maps now out - RPA

EVERY Single Payment applicant in England will have received confirmatory Rural Land Registry maps ahead of Monday’s (May 17) SPS deadline, according to the Rural Payments Agency (RPA).

The agency said on Wednesday (May 12) all farmers have been sent a set of confirmatory or interim RLR maps.

Of the 550 farmers who were sent interim maps, 540 have now been sent confirmatory maps. The remaining 10 confirmatory maps were due to be sent out on Wednesday.

The agency said any farmers still waiting for their confirmatory maps should submit their application before midnight on Monday May 17 to avoid late application penalties.

“Farmers can then notify us of any amendments to land parcels or add new land parcels up until midnight on June 1 without penalty,” an RPA spokeswoman said.

The RPA had pledged to get all maps back by the end of February and then when that deadline passed, by the end of April.

The NFU said farmers who had still not received confirmatory maps until recently were concerned their applications could be complicated by the delay. “A lot of people have had to put things back because of the mapping problems,” said NFU SPS advisor Richard Wordsworth.

The RPA said it had received over 57,000 SPS applications by Wednesday -12,400 electronic applications and 45,000 paper applications -just over half of the total number expected. This included

The spokeswoman said the true ‘paper figures’ would be higher as it takes time to transfer the applications from all the drop-in centres to a central point where they are scanned and counted.

Readers' comments (5)

  • This is just a tick in the box job for RPA.
    It seems from this forum that many of the maps are inaccurate and in some cases including land from the wrong farm.
    If the maps are not accurate then it's irrelevant if they 'got them out to a deadline'.
    Oh, actually I take that back, I am sure some RPA official will now get his bonus because they met 'target'.

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  • As at today Saturday May 15th I have not received any maps of any sort despite numerous (and unproductive) telephone conversations with the RPA. Therefore their claim of sending out all maps is yet another lie from faceless individuals in their ivory towers.

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  • So there you have it, once again RPA lie about the situation. Does this nightmare never end?

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  • This is not true as my maps have not arrived after the first corrected ones got lost at the RPA office. They have been the most unhelpful people this year. I expect to see my maps this time next year with a bit of luck.

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  • It is now 2011 and despite many phone calls to RPA and letters backwards and forwards they still insist that the land that is registered in my name is half that which is owned. I cannot get the new RLR numbers for the land which is not registered therefore cannot register it - where is the sense in that?

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